Timothy's Story

I’ve always loved fixing things. As you may have read in our company story, that’s what led me to nearly destroying our family piano when I was 17 by giving it a tune-up with my dad’s wrench.


I’m grateful for that experience because it taught me a lot about myself and it guides the work I do as a business owner and piano technician. When I met the professional that fixed my grandmother's piano, he took time to sit down with me and tell me about his business and piano craftsmanship. That was the seed that grew into everything we are at The Well-Loved Piano Company, and everything I strive to be in the work I do.

Funnily enough, I had the opportunity to meet that technician again at a conference just a few years ago. We shared a number of laughs about me – that “redheaded kid” from so long ago – and I got to tell him that the spark he lit had become our business.

I’ve found that your personal or career passion is no different in some ways than caring for your piano. You need to invest in it, you need to take special care and attention with it, and when you do that – you’ll get to enjoy its value for years to come.

So I thank you for your interest in the work we do, and I hope we get to help you care for the piano you love, since it’s the work I truly love to do.


Timothy Barnes is the Owner and a Registered Piano Technician for The Well-Loved Piano Company. Since 2003, he’s been helping people take the best care of their piano possible – along with his team that now includes exceptional technicians in 3 other cities across the Southeast US. Based in Charlotte, NC, Timothy is married to his anchor and balance in life – Rachel – and father to four adorable kiddos.