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Our Raleigh-Durham Piano Technicians

Darin Beery, RPT (left) and Anthony Pascone, RPT (right)

Raleigh-Durham Technicians: Darin, RPT (left) and Anthony, RPT (right)
Darin Beery, out of the Durham office, is the best piano tuner I have ever met. I purchased online an almost seventy year old piano because of its facial beauty, without knowing the problems inherent in such an old piano, then had it shipped from California to North Carolina. I read online reviews of local piano tuners and called Barnes Piano. They sent Darin. He is very pleasant, intelligent, loves what he does, and definitely knows his stuff. The difference between the sounds the old behemoth could make before and now, as well as the responsiveness of the keyboard and brightness of the sound cannot be described. He gave me an estimate of what all the work would cost (it ended up costing less) ahead of time. The young man also plays like a dream (he treated me to a small sampling). I would recommend him for anything like an old clunker like mine to grand pianos (of which he says he owns two). Kudos to Darin and Barnes Piano! I am so incredibly pleased.

Marie C.
Durham, NC
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