Piano tuning

Piano Tuning is the foundation of everything we do at Well-Loved Piano. One of the greatest joys of playing the piano is the smile it brings to your face. You could say our job is making sure that smile always happens.

Our signature piano care appointments start with a Fine Tuning, but this is only one part of what makes your piano sing. Our promise is to go beyond and provide personalized, exceptional care. At each appointment, we focus on evaluating what services your piano needs to meet the performance level of your musicians.



general REpair

Pianos are made to be played, and naturally when they are, things will break. When this happens there is no need to worry! Our focus on full-service means we include general repairs as part of our signature piano care appointments.

Some pianos will have needs that go beyond general repairs, requiring additional service by our technicians at Well-Loved Piano. You can read more about rebuilding and major repair HERE. Our promise is to provide exceptional care that restores the original performance of your piano.



Piano Cleaning

If you can write "clean me" in the dust on your piano, then a cleaning is certainly due! Though a dirty piano is more than an eye-sore. Years of dust buildup will cause corrosion and other damage to your piano, which is something we want to prevent.

Providing your piano with consistent, exceptional care will always be our focus at Well-Loved Piano. At each of our signature piano care appointments, we include a light cleaning to remove the dust that has built up since the last time your piano was serviced. 




Playing your piano should feel easy, which is why regulation is a meaningful part of our signature piano care. At each appointment we include regulation and voicing. 

Maintaining regulation is the best way to ensure your piano responds immediately to your touch. This is key to the connection you feel as a musician. Our technicians at Well-Loved Piano are exceptional at making sure your piano is always easy and fun to play. 




Each piano has a unique voice. One of the many joys we have as piano technicians is making sure that voice brings you happiness. Voicing is the secret to experiencing your piano's unique personality.

With signature piano care, we focus on voicing as part of our commitment to helping you take the best care of the piano you love.